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The Atlas mobile pool terrace is a revolutionary Aluminum structure that offers numerous advantages: space optimization, discretion, safety, warmth, cleanliness, and ease of handling.
Both a terrace and a cover, the Atlas kit allows for space optimization as it doubles the usable area by accommodating sun loungers, garden furniture, and can even serve as a dance floor! It is particularly ideal for small gardens and interior courtyards.
The Atlas mobile terrace is sold without cladding, allowing complete freedom in choosing the covering: wood, composite materials…
The ATLAS range offers a simple and durable solution to create a customized mobile terrace, 100% made in France. It is a artisanal solution that is both safe, sturdy, and customizable.


Characteristics of the ATLAS Kit:

The ATLAS kit has a maximum span of 8m (beam that spans across the pool).
The terrace can be constructed with 1 or 2 panels that can slide lengthwise or widthwise. For construction needs, when there are two modules, they can have different dimensions.
All profiles are made from an aluminum alloy specially selected for its excellent resistance to corrosion and torsion. The exclusive design of the beams and crosspieces significantly reduces condensation between the aluminum and the wood.
The terrace is guided by 1 discreet rail for lengthwise opening or 2 rails if the opening is done widthwise.
Different options allow you to customize your mobile terrace:
  • Installation of intermediate crosspieces to lay the boards parallel to the beams.
  • Self-powered solar energy motorization for the opening/closing system.
  • A shelter kit composed of cellular polycarbonate to isolate the pool from external pollutants and minimize heat loss.
The mobile terrace is designed for an operating load of 200 daN/m², up to 300 daN/m² temporarily, in compliance with the applicable standard EUROCODES 9.
To ensure the safety of children, the terrace assembled according to the assembly instructions complies with the NF P 90-308 standard.

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Pool & Spa

• The Aluminum alloy structure machined and cut to the required dimensions,
• La visserie en Inox A4 (qualité marine) pour l’assemblage de la structure,
• The peripheral Nylon brushes,
• The ground rail in anodized Aluminum,
• The Polyamide wheels mounted on a stainless steel roller bearing,



Operating load

204 kg/m²

Point load

306 kg/m²

Maximum allowable displacement


Height of the structure excluding covering

239 mm

Including beam

190 mm

Available height under the structure

40 mm

Spacing between beams

500 mm

Width of a beam

63 mm

Type of wheels



Stainless steel needles

Width of the guide

70 mm


3h/Two people

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Frequently Asked Questions about the mobile terrace.

The safety requirements of a mobile terrace are defined by the standard NF P 90-308. A mobile terrace that complies with this standard prevents unsupervised access to the pool by a child under 5 years old. It must also be able to support the passage of a 100 kg adult walking at a constant speed. A mobile terrace is a rigid safety system that covers the pool, but a true mobile deck must also be a mobile floor. In this case, it can be used like any other floor in the house and must comply with the EUROCODE, which is a set of texts that govern construction in Europe. All TERRABSO Mobile Decks are Mobile Floors since they comply with the EUROCODE. (Verification calculations performed by the SOLUCAD office.)
The ATLAS kit contains all the necessary parts as well as our guidance for quickly and easily assembling the structure of a mobile pool terrace. In just a few hours, the landscaping of your garden takes shape and your house looks more beautiful than ever.
It consists of 16mm PCA 5 polycarbonate panels, placed in the groove of the beam. They improve the insulation of the pool from the ambient air, rainwater, and dirt, and help retain the heat of your pool.
This option allows for the installation of the covering perpendicular to the ground rails. It consists of aluminum profiles spaced 50 cm or less apart that are inserted between the beams.
It consists of a self-powered solar motorization for added convenience.
The rails are delivered in lengths of 3.10m, and the number of rails depends on the size of the mobile terrace and the direction of the opening. It will be specified in your commercial offer.
Yes, for a customized landscaping, it's very simple: just use a longer rail. Let us know the additional length required, and you're all set.
It refers to the distance that the terrace spans between the 2 rails.
The dimension of the structure of your terrace depends on several factors, such as the dimensions of the pool, the coping, and the direction of the opening.
The maximum size is defined by the maximum span, a terrace cannot exceed a width of 8.30 meters. Its length is not limited.
By default, the covering is installed parallel to the ground rails.
The beams are spaced every 50 cm, with a gap of 44 cm between two beams.
If the terrace opens in width, the motors are placed on each side of the structure. If the terrace opens in length, the motors are placed on the same side.
Yes, thanks to the "intermediate beams" option.
Do you have a small garden, an inner courtyard, or simply want to save space and avoid the hassle of a bulky and unsightly pool cover? Then the mobile pool terrace, sometimes referred to as a rolling deck, is perfect for you. The discreet nature of a sliding terrace complements its numerous advantages. It is a simple, durable, and customizable solution.
The terrace requires a flat strip of 70 mm to roll. If it is motorized, we recommend a minimum additional width of 100 mm.
Atlas is a sliding terrace marketed as a kit, so you can easily assemble your terrace yourself. By having the necessary guarantees and following the applicable safety standards. Thanks to its easy installation, your project comes to life at a lower cost, whether your terrace is made of wood or a composite material.
The mobile terrace or sliding pool terrace allows you to combine contemporary aesthetics, cleanliness of your water, increased pool temperature, space-saving, and safety. The ATLAS terrace is the all-in-one solution for safety covers. Its easy handling and discreet design provide additional advantages compared to other safety systems on the market.
The ATLAS mobile terrace is a structure equipped with wheels, and for ease of use, the wheels are guided by a very discreet rail on the ground. And if desired, your ATLAS terrace can be motorized for even more convenience.